Parking Options

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport provides different options for parking. Hourly parking is a suitable option to park for 5 hours—the parking place located in five minutes to walk distance from the terminal.

The first 30 minutes of parking cost nothing, the fee for an hour is 2$, with 24$ maximum per day (24 hours)—hourly parking located on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Daily Parking

Daily parking is an option for drivers who want to park their vehicle for more than 5 hours or maybe even leave it overnight. You can find a place in all levels of the parking garage. The rate is 2$ per hour, with maximum 14$ per day.

Surface Parking

Surface parking located in the south of the parking building that means it'll take you just a couple of minutes to get into the terminal. Luckily, the first 30 minutes are free, then it charges 2$ per hour with each additional hour-2$, but the daily maximum is 15$.

Supersaver Parking

Supersaver parking located on air cargo way, and it takes only a few minutes of terminal. From there, shuttle buses depart every 10 minutes for 24 hours a day. Rate is 2$ per hour with daily maximum-8$.

Valet Parking

There are 30 unique places that we designed to pick up and drop off passengers. The priority of these parking places is Valet parking. They accept payment by major credit cards. Each hour is 2$ with the first 30 minutes free.

Parking Restrictions

Oversized transport, vans, transport that is taller than 7 "0" park on SuperSaver and Surface parking, charged for a place it takes.

You can also charge your electric car in charging stations on the Daily parking area and SuperSaver Parking.

Park, Sleep, and Fly!

Some airport hotels provide parking packages service, which became more popular among travelers. Especially those who have an early departure can come to park their car and go to sleep without fear of missing flight because of traffic jams.

In many cases, the price of living in hotels is equal to the cost of parking at the airport alone.