Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is a vast airport that requires procedures prescribed by Transportation Security Administration (better known as TSA). Requirements are almost the same for both: domestic and international flights that means all passengers have to pass security control according to the rules.

Security Screening

TSA incorporates strict and unpredictable remedies to comply transportation security mission. Carry-on baggage checked through security screening; electronic devices have to place into a bin for X-ray screening. Also, you might receive a pat-down selection that includes inspection of the head, neck, arms, legs, torso, and feet.

It's better to come to the Airport 2 hours before domestic and 3 hours before international flights.


People who are 18 and over have to show valid identification at the airport for domestic or international flights; for this, you can use your passport to both, but for international flights, you are not allowed to use your driver's license or ID. Make sure you use your ID complies with REAL ID. Children who are under 18 are not required to provide identification when traveling around the United States. Make sure you didn't forget your identification card; otherwise, you will not be allowed to checkpoints.

Security Checkpoints

TSA checkpoints in Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (USA) located in the main terminal on the upper level: Concourse C/Gates 9-25, Concourse D/Gates 27-56, Concourse E/Gates60-69.