Security Procedures

Passengers at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport checked by TSA security. Rules are the same for passengers flown domestically or had international flights.

Security procedures are similar to those on departures. Baggage is screening while security is checking the body.

Electronic devices are checking separately under X-ray screening. It is crucial to accomplish everything with honest answers to security agents when they try to reveal your legal status.

International Flight Arrivals

All international flights at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport arrive at the International Terminal with one exception as Toronto flights.

The international flight arrivals terminal is located north of the parking that is available for individuals picking up passengers.

Arrivals Pick-up

Individuals also promoted to use the Cell Phone Waiting Area, which provides half an hour of free parking during the waiting time for a call from an arriving Free shuttle service from one terminal to another. Airport parking mainly provides for arriving passengers.

One of the benefits is the free shuttle service. Buses pick up passengers from outside the main doors of the building. You can also arrange a shuttle service for area hotels, accordingly your service provider.